ROYGBIV Performance

Refraction of Your Gaze by Indeterminate Variables (ROYGBIV) is an effort to interface sound with the visible spectrum by digital and analog means. The project draws upon Newton’s theory of light, Kandinsky’s spiritual and utopian visions of painting, and the phenomenological experimentation of Olafur Eliasson.

A collage of field recording, synth sounds, and slide tray noise, ROYGBIV unfolds as colored light is read with discrete sensors. A slide projector reproduces images of the natural world and prisms refract light into its constituent elements. The composition is based on the signature of these combinations.

The first performance took place on Tuesday, December 14 at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn as part of the NIME 2010 show. Video of ROYGBIV and the other NIME performances is available here.