LAST Documentation

I wandered around the city taking readings with the Locative Ambient Sensor Triptych. The light, sound, and air quality data I collected informed the manipulation of video images corresponding to those places. Thus far, I’ve created an arrangement of three scenes: Flushing, Sunnyside, and Rhinebeck, NY. From here the project can be expanded to encompass more locations.

I’m pleased with the visual and functional aspects of this project’s realization. It would be good to see each image on its own small monitor, perhaps in an installation of twelve or more. In the process of gathering data, I learned some things about the sensors I was using that will be helpful for further exploration. Output from the MQ-135 air quality sensor is apparently sensitive to both temperature and humidity. That being the case, I cannot entirely rely on readings taken at different locations and at different times of day since their conditions are not constant. An equation factoring in these variables is necessary.

Here is the Arduino sketch I used to log sensor data coupled with GPS coordinates. I’ve also included a CSV file of the data collected in Sunnyside. And lastly, the Max patch I made can be downloaded here. Video is forthcoming.