ROYGBIV Prototype

Significant progress has been made in the development of ROYGBIV. The color sensors are providing clear red, green, and blue values, the prisms are refracting light enough to distinguish the spectrum, and serial data received through Max is being passed along to Live as MIDI messages to produce synth tones. I’ve also made a contact mic to pick up the sounds of a slide projector. Here is a video of the working prototype.

Still, there’s a way to go before our performance on December 14 at Glasslands. The most vexing issue has been Max for Live’s tendency to crash when serial data is being exchanged. Additionally, I need to develop the compositional aspect of the sound more so that it’s suitable for performance. That also relates to a need for work on the interactivity of the interface beyond small movements of the prisms.

It’s exciting to have brought the project this far but what happens in the next few weeks will determine the extent to which it succeeds.