Columbus Day Weekend

This is a path I traced over Columbus Day weekend. It originates in Sunnyside, Queens and moves around lower Manhattan, traveling through Greenwich Village, and later emerges from Penn Station. The path goes out to Long Island, through Rockville Centre and Lynbrook, before doubling back and completing its idiosyncratic circuit in Sunnyside. The drawing was completed with a GPS module, Arduino, and logger shield and processed through GPS Visualizer and Adobe Illustrator. DIY Location and Data Logging from was an extremely helpful resource as I got up and running.

With mobility, location awareness, and open-ended data logging functionality, I’m anticipating a series of urban sensing expeditions to gather place-specific information such as air quality, light level, and ambient noise. Implicit in these investigations is the idea that such factors impact life in the city. While curious about the information as such, I’m even more interested in the stories and visualizations that can be sculpted out of the data as well as the experience of gathering it.